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September 2015 #Shelfie

Calgary TEC Chair Lorna Johnston is our next contributor to the #shelfie series and shares reading recommendations from her bookshelf that inspire her as a business leader and mentor. Share your own #shelfie with us on Twitter @TECCanada

Care to Dare – Unleashing astonishing potential through secure base leadership – George Kohlrieser

George Kohlrieser is a psychologist, Transactional Analyst, and professor of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour at the world’s leading business school (IMD) in Switzerland. He has brilliantly and repeatedly taken John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth’s groundbreaking work on the significance of attachment in mental and emotional health, and applied it to leadership and business success.  In business, as in life, a secure base is necessary to make significant advances.  Contrary to the belief that competition is important for outstanding performance, Kohlrieser presents the case that leaders who offer a secure base upon which to leverage a competitive advantage provide both safety and risk and the key to innovation. Secure base leadership is “the way a leader builds trust and influences others by providing a sense of protection, safety and caring AND by providing a source of inspiration that together produce energy for daring, exploration, risk taking and seeking challenge.” As a TEC Chair, I always endeavor to provide this secure base leadership and create a space for my members to feel safe to take risks.


Theory U: Leading from the future as it emerges – the social technology of presencing – C. Otto Scharmer

Theory U quite quickly went out of print; Too bad we are such a ‘quick fix’ culture. Theory U is a long and rich read – something not for just a weekend, but for a lifetime of cultivation. Scharmer gives us a deeply thoughtful book about practising transformational leadership. His process speaks to three essential ingredients – open mind, open heart, open will – and offers incredible hope for what a community of people might create when they are willing to take a journey into authenticity.  This is another way of thinking about our role as TEC Chairs: we create a space for people to open themselves to the possible in ways not dreamed of until a collection of committed people gather together.


Authentic Success – Robert Holden

Robert Holden is a Brit and a really funny and passionate educator. His book Authentic Success is a collection of his thoughts on success and happiness.  I just noticed his note to me when he signed the book: “Lorna – follow your joy!”  In his book, following joy is what authenticity is all about.  If you are looking for a business ‘how-to’ book, this isn’t it.  If you are looking for what that elusive ‘authenticity’ is all about, he offers up a smorgasbord of good ideas to digest.

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