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July 2015 #Shelfie

Victoria TEC Chair Jill Caston is our next contributor to the #shelfie series and shares reading recommendations from her bookshelf that inspire her as a business leader and mentor. Share your own #shelfie with us on Twitter @TECCanada

Fierce Conversations and Fierce Leadership – Susan Scott

An old standby – Susan Scott’s words are just as relevant today as they were when I first ‘found’ her 10 years ago. I also have her book on disc, and this is often a listening choice when I am driving long distances by myself. What stands out for me is her adherence to boundaries – in relationships, in conversations, in life. She advocates listening to your instincts, allowing the truth that is right in front of you to be acknowledged; as she puts it, “ …when a realization wells up in your backbone…” it is not your imagination. Knowledge gained cannot be unlearned. Boundaries are solid and respectful, not to be confused with ‘social niceties’ that we so often bow down to.


Leadership From The Inside Out – Kevin Cashman

A book (and CD) I often recommend to clients. Cashman talks to the person within the CEO and challenges us all to become better people, better leaders. He talks of Leading with Character, which includes being authentic and aware in the present – although first you must find that inner place of authenticity. Cashman cautions that “…leadership is more than just a job…when you are a leader, others look to you, depend on you…leaders hold lives and destinies in their hands…it is a sacred calling.” To this end, he calls for the highest example of personal and professional behaviour from CEO’s, and predicts that by following this path, others will be challenged to take up their own leadership paths.


Emotional Fitness – Janice Berger

I hesitate to include this one here, as I believe it is currently hard to find – and perhaps out of print. Nonetheless, it is one I have often loaned out to clients – especially those who are struggling at the beginning of their emotional learning path to understand the concepts behind the psycho-babble jargon. It links who you are today – and all of your behaviours – with who you have been in your near & distant pasts. I have had good feedback from some very unlikely clients who found this one to be an easy read, and a great deal of help in their journey.


Your Soul At Work – Bruce Hiebert

Hiebert proceeds on the premise (and rightfully so) that each of us will spend more of our waking hours working, or preparing for work, or recovering from work, than we will spend on any other activity in our whole lives. In spite of this fact, our formal training does not prepare us for the inevitable clash between who we ARE (spiritually & morally), and what we DO. He outlines how to seek meaning in our lives, and how to engage work at the level that is best for each of us. He reminds us that, “…deep values are learned in childhood; are something we carry as part of who we are; and they change only rarely and with great difficulty…”. He also links stress to the disconnect between who we ARE, and what we DO.


Honourable Mentions:

Taming Your Gremlin and
A Master Class In Gremlin Training – Rick Carson

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn – John C. Maxwell

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