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#FoundersFriday – Protoype Day

It’s not often we get the chance to learn about wireless charging stations, a healthy habit app, a Rosetta Stone app for music, diagnostic athletic performance solutions and even an invention that interacts with dogs who are home alone all day – but this past Monday, we got it all.

TEC Chairs Bruce Harbinson and Grace Attard celebrated the Summer Institute Kickoff event at Prototype Day this past Monday, May 4th. In attendance were select members of the Next 36 group as well as the newest cohort of the Next Founders program for 2015.

A founder of each company was asked to provide a 4-minute pitch for the audience, which comprised of mentors, advisors, supporters and sponsors like ourselves from TEC. There’s nothing like being in the room with Canada’s future entrepreneurs, presenting their businesses with creativity, passion and authentic desire to make deep impact in their respective spaces.

Big kudos to The Next 36 for an incredible event and a huge shout out to the next cohort of Next Founders – we wish you every success as you embark on your Summer Intensive program and look forward to assisting you in our TEC/Next Founders group soon.

Follow the @TECCanada #FoundersFriday series for an inside look at the TEC @Next_Founders group and their experiences in championing innovation, organizational collaboration and leadership excellence.

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