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Is now the time to diversify?

What are the key global partnerships Canada needs for economic growth? Are business leaders and policy-makers taking enough risk?

Many individuals and business leaders are concerned with Canada’s productivity problem and the affect of climate change on the economy. Others are adamant that Canada needs to play a larger, more global role.

Exports have been an important part of Canada’s economy, amounting to more than 45 percent of its GDP. For years, the Canadian government has talked about diversifying trade and the recent Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) has the potential to bring that goal to fruition. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would also help.

What will be the impact on business of CETA and the TPP (if it solidifies)?

This December, Canada’s industry influencers will gather in Toronto to explore Canada’s export economy and how it can be diversified.

These leaders will answer pressing questions, including who are Canada’s key global partners in the future and what are the risks of being too dependent on the US? What does the future hold for commodities pricing, demand and distribution?

It’s important to consider the implications for a developed country with such a large dependence on its natural resources.

Join CEOs from Canada and abroad at The Economist‘s inaugural The Canada Summit, chaired by the global publication’s Economics editor, Greg Ip.

“Now is good time to explore how these things affect the prospects for Canadians and their business community,’ Ip said.

If you’re interested in attending the event, use TEC Canada’s special discount to save $400, EMPMPTEC. Click here to purchase your ticket.

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