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The Entrepreneur’s Instruction Manual

by Toronto TEC Chair, Grace Attard. Grace is a woman with a vision. This entrepreneur and executive coach has a reputation for not only motivating, but inspiring her clients. With over 20 years of business acumen, she has led in corporate, non-profit and government organizations, putting her energy and creativity to work with big business systems and processes for stellar results. Follow Grace on Twitter @the_dailygrace

Chapter 1: Why

Chapter 2: What

Chapter 3: Who, Where and When

Chapters 4 – 12: _____________

What about the rest?

Everywhere, we find business courses, workshops, seminars, books, webinars and white papers to help complete the first three chapters of our entrepreneurial journey and yes, those are absolutely essential.

Yet many entrepreneurs stop there. They think that’s the end of the manual.

But in fact, chapter 4 onwards is the stuff of the successful ones. Often times, these chapters get written in the moment, from the gut, from intuition and from trial and error.

No one can teach it to us. We just have to trust ourselves, pretend we know, risk more than we are comfortable with and be agile enough to switch things up.

So it might actually be time to stop re-enacting chapters 1-3 by taking another course, signing up for another webinar or going to hear another speaker.

Step into chapter 4.

The rest of the manual is actually up to you.

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