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Speaker Spotlight: Tim Lewko

We are excited about newly on-boarded speaker Tim Lewko. Tim is the CEO of Thinking Dimensions Global and the current managing director of the global Strategy Transformation practice. He has worked with over 35 CEOs over 4 continents to set and implement more profitable growth strategies. His presentation Assessing Your Strategic Assumptions – Five Steps to Higher Profitability engages TEC members to take a hard look at their existing strategic assumptions and plans to assess how valid they really are for today’s global marketplace.

In his many years of consulting Tim has seen that “every company strategy sits on a bed of strategic assumptions. It is impossible for any CEO or company leader to make decisions not based on some point of view, bias, gut feeling, or data of how they believe the “world will unfold” in relation to their industry. No matter what size the company – the challenge is to leverage this thinking to drive aligned decision making and higher profitability.”

Similarly, every company has products they offer and markets they serve. The relative investment – people, time and capital – that companies place on these segments is based on various strategic versions of what’s happening or will happen in the external environment.

“Because CEO’s (and their top executives) have different versions of how the world will unfold it’s vital to identify and make visible the critical external assumptions that really drive success in your industry and ensure they are linked to the your company’s P&L.  Without this step your senior management could be pulling your company in two different directions.”

At the conclusion TEC members will have a 5-step checklist and working document to assess how well their company is applying strategic assumptions to guide decision-making.  Importantly, the tools he provides TEC members scale to any size business or industry.

We are thrilled that Tim, who is a highly sought after advisor, speaker and author is now available to TEC members through our speaking program.

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