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July 2014 #Shelfie

TEC Canada President & COO, Ken MacLeod is our next contributor to the #shelfie series and shares reading recommendations from his bookshelf that inspire him as a business leader and mentor.

Mr. MacLeod brings many successful years of entrepreneurial and executive level expertise and experience to his role. In addition to business development and innovation, Mr. MacLeod’s position as President and COO includes oversight of the company’s daily operations and the delivery of excellent member and Chair service experience. 

“My involvement with TEC Canada has spanned a period of almost nine years – first as TEC Chair and most recently as Executive Vice President. I can confidently say that it has been the most rewarding experience both personally and professionally.” – Ken MacLeod

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1) “Great By Choice” by Jim Collins – I find this to be an interesting perspective on why some companies thrive in uncertain and challenging circumstances while others do not in extreme environments. Great leaders were actually not higher risk-takers, visionaries or even more creative as we would expect but that they were in fact more disciplined, innovative and scaled their companies to ensure they achieved greatness.

2) “Profit in Plain Site” by Anne C. Graham – A new release with insightful and practical advice to help leaders immediately be more effective throughout their companies.

This book details a practical, yet insightful, action-focused process to assist those who are not satisfied with mediocre results to achieve a plan to have sustainable growth and profitability.

3) “The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland” by HRH Prince Michael of Albany – This book features astonishing insight into the political affairs of Scotland, its past and resulting historical suppressions.

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