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April 2014 #Shelfie

Calgary TEC Chair, Liam Christie, is our next contributor to the #shelfie series and shares reading recommendations from his bookshelf that inspire him as a business leader and mentor. Share your own #shelfie with us on Twitter @TECCanada

Oh The Places You’ll Go
You only need to read this once when you’re young and invincible, then pull it off the shelf every decade or so and have a grin.  Life isn’t smooth.  There are speed bumps.  This brings levity to your state of mind.

The Boys in the Boat
This book gives insight to the Great Depression and World War II, and Hitler’s version of the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936 is surprisingly similar to Putin’s display of prosperity in Sochi. This book is so well written that you actually have to read it to the end even though you know the outcome.  The tough story of the man in the number 2 seat is compelling and demonstrates the power of the human spirit.  The book even refers to Louis Zamporini, who received a medal in track and field and whose book “Unbroken” is his story of survival in a life raft in the Pacific and being a POW to the Japanese in WWII.  The story of the unbreakable spirit of motivated men is incredibly powerful.

Climb Back from Cancer
This is a tough read.  Those affected have a tough time.  Written by my friend and neighbor in Canmore, Alan Hobson, who was a three time Everest climber and then fought leukemia.  He wrote this book with his wife at the time, Cecelia, and I have given it to more than 40 pals in the last decade because it has tips for the survivor AND the care-giver.  Both are key to success.

The Wealthy Barber and Rich Dad, Poor Dad
These have been influential books in the lives of our children as we explored with them the meaning and value of money.  Having a financially bright future reduces stress.  These readings teach prudent decision making.

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