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The Truth About Stress – Sneak Peek with Dr. Bill Crawford

BillCrawford_formal_headShot94x115In addition to holding a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Houston, Dr. Bill Crawford is a licensed psychologist, author of four books, organizational consultant and speaker. His PBS special, Dealing with Difficult People, has been seen by over 15 million people. Dr. Crawford shares his unique perspective on achieving success with such humour and energy he is often referred to as the “Steve Martin” of psychologists.

TEC Canada is pleased to present Dr. Crawford as the keynote speaker at our upcoming Halifax event, The Truth About Stress, on March 6, 2014.

Listen below for a taste of what’s to come in Bill’s presentation:

1) How will Bill’s presentation differ from other conventional stress-management workshops? (1:18)

2) Why should executives be concerned with the issue of stress? (0:56)

3) Bill’s work often refers to his“Life from the top of the mind” philosophy. What is meant by this? (1:09)

4) What should participants bring to Bill’s presentation? (0:57)

Want to know more? Register here to join us at the event on March 6.

For further details on TEC’s marketing events held across Canada, visit our TEC Events Page.

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