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Peak your Profits!® Sneak Peek with Jeff Blackman

JJeff Blackmaneff Blackman runs a business-growth firm in Chicago, Illinois and is a sought-after consultant and TEC/Vistage speaker. Since 1985, CEOs and their key leaders have been seeking Jeff’s expertise and implementing his positive and profitable strategies to quickly, ethically and dramatically grow their businesses.

After two successful events in Calgary and Edmonton, TEC Canada is looking forward to having Jeff round out his tour in Saskatoon and Winnipeg at the end of the month.

Participants at his recent presentations had this to say:

“Thank you for the brilliant sharing of your knowledge, you have a tremendous capacity to deliver excellent content while still connecting with your audience in a fun and highly engaging manner. I already have my Dynamic Dozen drafted and I have sharpened up both the questions I ask and how we can tell our own strategic story!”

“If I was to do it over, I would bring a guest.”

Listen below to Jeff’s insight into business growth and get a taste of what’s to come at our big events:

1) Why join Jeff at TEC’s fall Signature Events? (1:40)

2) Jeff, on helping clients improve their approach to business growth. (2:08)

3) Can the success principles Jeff teaches on business growth help people grow in their personal lives as well? (1:22)

For further details on TEC’s fall marketing events featuring Jeff Blackman, visit our TEC Events Page.

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