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Three ways to get the most out of your summer downtime

Is your business suffering a summer lull? Use this summer to break out of your rut and boost your productivity. How you may ask? As the summer time calm takes over your office and your employees take their turns to go out on vacation there are three things you can do to boost your business and hit the ground running in the fall:

1.   Review your strategy

The summer months can be slow, take this opportunity to spend reviewing your business objectives and how you can improve these before the September rush. Start by making a list of essential initiatives that could use some extra attention, ask yourself do I have the resources needed to complete this and is this essential and achievable? If the answer is yes work away.

2.   Network

Hot weather, open patios and summer events are the perfect time to bond with that client you have been trying to get close to or to meet other members of the business community.

Everyone is looking for an excuse to get out of the office, there is no better time to meet that business connection that could change your business strategy.

Look into popular local events such as the Calgary Stampede or Caribana, are these appropriate places to make these connections? If so consider connecting with your client or use these as team building opportunities.

3.   Volunteer

Get out of the office and create some valuable bonding time between you and your employees. Use these hot summer months to get out and contribute to your community. Fresh air, hard work and the heartwarming feeling of giving back will help your employees get excited about going to work. Volunteering helps to foster a positive work environment and gives employees the chance to get out of their cubical and interact. Volunteering allows you to see what motivates your team and increase office productivity.

Get creative, get out of the office and enjoy the sunshine.

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