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whichoneareyouTrust is the key ingredient for effective & prosperous leadership. The days of cutthroat leadership are gone.  And ever-present is the necessity to be trusted, respected and even liked in your management position. Yet, every day we hear that leaders all over the world, in politics, in companies and in all capacities don’t have it.

What is going on with leadership?  Lack of trust from every angle. Yep that easy. There are leaders who are not trusted and leaders who do not trust.   And the disturbing reality is that everyone talks about it – at the water cooler, in the boardroom and over e-mail.

The tendency is to place individuals into leadership roles for tangible skills (e.g.: ability to smash sales targets) but not necessarily their aptitude to lead. To anyone looking on, this would indicate that leadership is not a necessary skill for company success; this is…

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