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More Than Money – National Philanthropy Day 2012

November 15 has been recognized as National Philanthropy Day around the world since 1986. This year, Canada became the first country to make this designation permanent, taking a leadership role in worldwide philanthropy.

Individual Canadians took up the cause as well. The BMO Philanthropy Report, released today, once again reported that Canadians value giving. Seventy-nine per cent of respondents made a charitable donation in the past 12 months, up from about 70 per cent last year, and the amount given increased from an average of $487 in 2011 to $557 this year.

Are you and your company keeping up with this national trend? Do your executives find the time to volunteer their resources and expertise to a worthy cause? Does your organization look on corporate – and personal – philanthropy as an opportunity, a challenge and an obligation?

Corporate philanthropy is about more than money. It’s about business leaders extending their leadership beyond the concerns of their businesses. It’s about building stronger communities by preserving and reinforcing the social and environmental threads that stitch us together as citizens.

We’re proud of our community – members, Chairs, and trusted advisors – who donate their time, ideas, skills, items and money to the growth and development of their communities; and who give time and encouragement to others to reach their goals and influence positive change.

Our members extend their innovation and creativity from their businesses to community investments; they fund, walk, play golf, ride bicycles, climb mountains and even get lost in the wilderness in support of their communities.

Because TEC members aren’t happy just to ‘be’. They are chief executives working together to build a better future for everyone.

Happy National Philanthropy Day!

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