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Results-Focused Execution

“At the beginning of the day, it’s all about possibilities. At the end of the day, it’s all about results.”

-Bob Prosen

TEC Canada recently brought business expert Bob Prosen to CEOs across Canada to share strategies for effective business execution. A former executive himself, Prosen now draws from his 25 years in business management and development to help other leaders succeed.

“I have actually sat in the position that many if not all CEOs are in right now, and there are very few things that they face that I have not had to deal with personally.”

Bob shared his hard-won expertise at events in Kelowna, Toronto, and Halifax, training on his Five Attributes of Highly Effective Companies™, as well as a new program—The Small Business Accelerator™—developed over the last year to include insight from his 12 years of consulting and educating. He also addressed specific business issues identified by the audience (i.e. lack of time, employee engagement, pace of innovation, competition, etc.), sharing simple, effective strategies to resolve them.

One of Bob’s key suggestions was to prioritize developing a trust relationship with customers by focusing on their problems. “Twenty-five per cent of customers buy because they have a need, 75% buy because they have a problem,” he says. Focus on resolving these problems. Better yet, offer them a few proven solutions or resources for free and they will return in trust for help and service in the future.

Get more highlights and takeaways from the Toronto event here, or check out what TEC Chair Andre Martin got from the Kelowna event here.

Bob Prosen is renowned as a business execution expert and consultant and has been speaking for TEC for 10 years. Author of the Amazon best-seller Kiss Theory Goodbye, Bob is dedicated to helping businesses achieve the results they want. You can find out more about Bob at

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