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Secrets of Small Business Success: Finding Your Million Dollar Value

Imagine getting a phone call from your boss on Christmas Eve informing you that you are being fired from a job you love. For over six years you invested your heart and soul to fuel the company’s growth to over a million dollars in sales. How might you respond?

For Lisa Sasevich, the Queen of Sales Conversion, that phone call on “the darkest night of my life” was a career catalyst. Rather than focus on what some might view as a career failure, Lisa chose to focus on what had contributed to the successes she had enjoyed during her corporate career, and to use that knowledge to guide her next career move.

“I started to look for what I now call my million dollar value – my unique gift to the world. After investing in different courses, soul searching and meditating, I came to see that I had a special talent for inspiring people to make a decision on the spot: one that could transform their lives. I did that a lot through irresistible offers in the businesses that I had helped.

“So I started teaching other people how to make irresistible offers. Eventually that led into our brand, The Invisible Close and all of our products and services, centred around how you take that which you were made to do, your special blessing, your million dollar value, package it, price it and sell it without being salesy so that you can make big money and a big difference doing what you love.

“That is now what our company does. We help heart-centered entrepreneurs all over the world to use our Invisible Close Sales system to expose people to their irresistible offer. ”

Lisa’s company, The Invisible Close, has enjoyed phenomenal success. Over the last 4 years her home-based company “has grown from literally $100k per year with just me coaching people on how to make an irresistible offer to an Inc. 500 fastest growing privately held company award recipient this year. We actually took number 169 in the ranking, which is a really high honour.”

Here’s what Lisa shared when I asked her to identify the core strategies that have contributed to her stellar success.

  1. Invest in Yourself: “I identified what I needed to keep growing my own knowledge and the contacts that I had. I kept investing in that. I would invest more money than I had. Then I would earn it back. I kept doing that over and over. What I learned is that when I invested in myself it inspired the people around me to invest in themselves and that really showed up in my business: the more decisive I was about that, the more decisive my clients were about that.”
  2. Manage the Growth: “I didn’t try to do it all myself and I also didn’t go out and go crazy trying to hire people. I feel like I paid attention to the areas where I was getting stretched. When I saw that what I hated to do was something that someone else loved to do, I would take that off my plate and hire them to do that”.
  3. Partner Up: “In strategic areas where I needed courage or confidence or to learn how to do something I partnered up. When I say partnered up, I mean partnering with someone who had more reach, more skill, courage, experience, more mojo than I did in a specific area. I always made sure that I was partnering up in both directions, so that person I was partnering with felt like they were benefitting by partnering with me.”
  4. Increase your “Ticket”: “I went from charging $250 an hour to $500 group teleseminars to $1000 group training. We have programs up to $100k a year now. That is one of the things that contributed to our growth, our profit and the great results our clients get – and the Inc. 500 of course.”

Given that only 13.5 percent of the companies that made it to the Inc.500 list are headed by women, (although women own 30 percent of privately owned US businesses in the US) I was curious about Lisa’s experience and perspective on being a female entrepreneur.

“I find it an advantage to be a woman. My business (sales training and information products) is largely dominated by men.” Her experience is that promoters and others who book talent are interested in female speakers who can really “hold their own, someone who is powerful and feminine at the same time. That is something that I really strive to model for women: you can keep your power and still be feminine. Allow yourself to lead with your feminine power and not just with your masculine power.

“Women are really fortunate: we have access to both. Our feminine power would include things like being inviting, being playful, being nurturing, being inspiring, being the Queen that we are. Then we’ve got our masculine power: a competitive spirit, the pursuit, being the King that we are. It’s ok to be both.”

The final piece of advice Lisa shared with me relates to what she calls Business Karma. “When dealing with business challenges start by examining your own behaviours and practices. Find the mirror in your own life of whatever it is you’re looking for. If you can transform it in your life, you can transform it in your business. It is very powerful. That has been my experience. Be the client you want to attract. ”

If you love what you do, but hate the “sales part,” sales conversion expert Lisa Sasevich will show you simple, quick and easy ways to boost sales without spending a dime…and without being salesy. Find out more about Lisa and try her training for free online > 

Erica Pinsky M.Sc, CHRP, is a respectful workplace solutions expert and author of the highly acclaimed book Road to Respect: Path to Profit (How to Become an Employer of Choice by Building a Respectful Workplace Culture). As a speaker, trainer, author and consultant she works with business to build respectful workplace cultures that attract and retain top talent in an environment free from discrimination, harassment, bullying and destructive conflict. Contact her at or find out more here >

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