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Four Step Process to Website Success

Four Step Process to Website Success

Over the past 14 years, we have developed four simple steps for driving Web marketing results. Although the steps are common sense and easy enough to understand, it is the proper implementation and attention to detail within each step that drives results. I will get into each of these steps in more detail in future blog postings. For now, here is an introduction to this four step process that should be the foundation for your Web marketing plan.

Step One: Strategy

The first step is determining the proper marketing strategy for your Website. This includes lead generation, direct sales, branding, sales support, content distribution, customer service and many other strategic options. Having an online brochure is not a strategy. This strategy must follow your overall business strategy, be in writing and well-thought out before you move to step two.

Step Two: Development and Design

A Web marketing plan becomes the blueprint for the Website development and design process. Too many Websites are built without this direction and it hurts results. Build your site in a CMS system such as WordPress or Magento and make sure your developer takes direction from your marketing strategy or step one of this process.

Step Three: Driving Traffic

Driving traffic can be expensive and you don’t want to waste the time of the Web visitor. Steps one and two come before significant investments of time and money to drive traffic. Too many Web marketers begin with step three and then wonder why they are not getting sales or leads. This step includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, email marketing, content marketing, AdWords and other activities that drive Website visits.

Step Four: Monitoring Results and ROI

The final step is the ongoing process of monitoring your Web stats and making the appropriate updates to drive traffic, leads, sales and other forms of Website conversions. Your Website is a silent salesperson that must be monitored to get the strong ROI needed and grow your business. Make sure your site has Google Analytics running and watch these stats weekly as a key business indicator.

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Thomas Young is a TEC Canada speaker and Vistage member. Tom is CEO of Intuitive Websites, LLC, a website marketing and design firm based in Colorado. You can reach Tom at or at 719-231-6916.

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