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Peter Andersen Monthly Economic Report – May 16, 2012 – Summary

“[Canada’s] export performance second-worst in G-20.
Peter Andersen Report, May 16, 2012

You’re probably tired of hearing about how poorly Canada’s exports have been performing over the last year – after all, there’s only so much you can do when the Canadian dollar is so expensive, right? Well May’s figures are in and it’s not getting any better. In fact, Canada is experiencing its weakest export recovery cycle since the Second World War and, with 85% of exports directed at slow-growth markets, the sought-after export recovery will continue to remain elusive.

But, as any ‘Blue Ocean’ strategist will tell you, there are opportunities to be had in the open spaces between the well-populated shipping lanes (especially as the established shipping lanes are currently moving at half-speed). With recession already in Europe, a subdued US economy and growth slowing in Asian giants India and China, taking the time to explore opportunities in Latin America and Africa appears to be a very sensible suggestion.

If you are looking to export as a growth strategy for your business, consider non-traditional markets, talk to your group members and, if you’re looking for specific information or connections, talk to your Chair or log in to Vistage Village to take advantage of the global network of business leaders to which your membership provides access.

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