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Team TEC Walks in Her Shoes

As part of an organization such as TEC, which encourages business leaders to give back to their communities, it’s a valuable reminder that in this era of the global community we have the ability to invest in the future of the world. We are not just helping businesses survive in challenging times, we are helping entire communities survive. And to us, that’s a really meaningful endeavour. 

Walk in Her Shoes is a campaign put on by CARE Canada where participants challenge themselves with a personal or team walk and raise money to empower the world’s most vulnerable and greatest agents for change: women and girls. 

For the eight days following International Women’s Day on March 8, 2012, each of us committed to walking 8,000-plus steps a day to simulate what a woman or girl experiences daily in the developing world (by fetching water and gathering other supplies and resources needed to keep their family alive). It is a fact of life some of these women and girls will not attend school or receive other opportunities needed to break this devastating cycle of poverty. 

Collectively, the 18 of us on Team TEC officially took over 1,152,000 steps for CARE’s Walk in Her Shoes – that amounts to approximately 895 kilometers! A big congrats to Bonny Marciano for walking 106,229 over the 8 days (a Team TEC record).

Even though we have officially met our goal of 8,000 steps for the eight days, we have continued walking together on our lunch hours to raise awareness and funds for Walk in Her Shoes – all in hopes of doing our little part to support women, girls and communities around the world to overcome poverty and adversity.

Since International Women’s Day, we’ve made it 28% of the way to reaching our fundraising goal! A big thank you to our supporters and those who have already donated! If you would like to learn more about our group, or make a donation, please visit:


Thank you.

Team TEC

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