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Helping CEOs Get Unstuck and Stay Unstuck

Gary ‘Buddy’ Burge is a long-time TEC resource speaker who will be speaking at our upcoming learning and networking event in Burlington, ON (more here >). Gary took some time out to share the details of what attendees are going to learn and why he’s the one to learn from.

I have been a TEC resource for 21 years.

At every session I always ask one question; of all the problems you face as a CEO, what percentage are people related?

The answer consistently is, and it has not changed one way or the other in those for 21 years, 80 percent.

The dirty little secret about being a CEO is that most leaders, otherwise successful, powerful, intelligent and accomplished from time to time or periodically find themselves “stuck” in people situations that at best, take up far too much of their time, divert them from more important concerns, or at worst, drive them crazy.

They spend far too much time (80 percent) refereeing team issues, turf wars, personality conflicts instead of doing what they are; being the leader they were meant and need to be.

They simply do not know what to do.

They feel stuck.

In this highly interactive session on the modern day CEO and his/her people, you will learn how to get “unstuck”, stay unstuck and do what you are.

The workbook and the session are based on my 25 years helping leaders solve those seemingly intractable people problems that afflict so many modern-day organizations.

It is the only thing I do.

My Ph.D. research and thesis focused on this one issue.

I have written 20 books and training programs on this salient and singular concern: How CEOs can get unstuck and resolve those really tough people issues that afflict and bedevil far too many modern day organizations.

Our singular goal will be that by the end of the morning, you will know why those difficult people are doing what they do and know exactly what to do to change, fix, rectify, and resolve your most egregious and difficult people problem(s), and be motivated to so do.

But most of all, you will learn the most important lesson of all, that it “It Is Easier To Change Other People Than It Is To Change Yourself”

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