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There’s a lot of talk these days about Winning. But for all the wrong reasons.

Instead of touching upon the topic of celebrity train wrecks and Hollywood horror stories, TEC’s idea of winning is about being recognized for dedication, hard work and excellence in business. Today we’re talking business awards.

On the heels of the award season in Canada, it’s important to discuss why investing the time in applying for business awards can offer lasting tangible benefits for your business and perhaps be the best thing you have ever done as your company’s leader.

In the market

Whether it is a local, regional or national recognition, winning an award can play a huge role in setting yourself apart from your competitors.

Most business awards are sponsored by widely-read local and national newspapers and magazines which offers great PR for your company. For the bigger awards (PROFIT Hot 50, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Canada’s Best Managed Companies, etc…) the media will publish the list of recipients both online and in print, and even do a profile on you or the company, along with featuring your logo, or even website (depending on the award).

This free source of advertising helps improve the value of your brand and drive sales as your market potential increases. It also enhances your credibility with your current clients within the business community, further developing a solid reputation and generating overall growth. The exposure is truly invaluable!

Company culture

We all know that positive reinforcement is a motivator. Winning an award can re-energize your team, promoting a strong feeling of achievement, especially if the award is based on performance. This will immediately set the stage to create an environment where staff take a more opportunistic approach to their daily tasks; driven not only to meet, but exceed expectations.

As a trickle effect, employee pride and satisfaction will maintain strong morale, retain key employees and attract quality talent, ultimately allowing you to stay ahead of the game.

You as a Leader

Receiving recognition is a wonderful reminder that you are doing a great job as your organization’s leader. This helps to further instill the confidence and assurance you need in order to successfully lead. You’ll need this boost to keep the wheels turning as you work to meet increased demand sparked by all the PR you received! This cycle leads to a more positive mindset, both at the workplace and on a personal level as well.


Also, it will be a blast attending all the fancy events and functions you’re invited to after winning!

You can’t win if you don’t apply!

Now that you’re convinced to start applying, what should you do first? Consider the follow three factors to help you get started:

  • Preparation is key. Do your research – check the TEC Canada awards listings and decide which awards you are eligible for. Consider separate categories, application deadlines, and the information you’ll need to apply (company figures, a written account, employee surveys…)
  • Be patient. For such a potentially large investment, don’t rush the application process. Fill out all the necessary forms and all other requirements to avoid rejection of your submission and increase your chances of winning!
  • Look for upcoming posts on TEC Direct for more tips on applying for awards. And once you’ve landed your coveted prize, we’ll outline how to prepare for the big gala or event where you’ll be accepting your award. Once you’ve landed your award, please let us know and we’ll post it on our website.

Good luck!

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