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con-ver-sa-tion: (noun) – exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas

They say that blogs are, in many ways, a continuing conversation.

That being said, I’ll start off this discussion by saying welcome to the first entry of the TEC Exchange, TEC Canada’s new blog.

As TEC closes out a wonderful year of many developments and major strides taken in the right direction, my hope for this blog is to strengthen our member network of fine business leaders that spans our country – from Victoria to Fredericton. With a nation as expansive as ours, this blog is one more way we are working to take advantage of online resources in connecting our members, groups, chairs, associates, staff members and other business leaders across the country.

The point is to swap information (hence TEC Exchange) and communicate in a way that helps us successfully cross regional borders, meet and establish outside business relationships and challenge one another to pioneer new and innovative practices.

New entries of TEC Exchange will be posted regularly by myself, TEC staff and guest bloggers. We’ll focus on business thought, upcoming events and networking opportunities, new initiatives, reaction to business news, and of course commentary from you, the TEC community (after all, it wouldn’t be a conversation without you!)

With a new year around the corner, I am excited to enter into the world of blogging and am looking forward to sharing this equally new, but exciting, experience with you.

I’ll end off by saying exactly what I started off with. Blogs are an ongoing conversation – so let the discussion begin!

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